The Project

The Project


What are we building?

A web-based traceability system for Ontario wines that will support wine industry partners with their product traceability, authentication, and recall efforts; while incorporating internationally-recognized standards and procedures like GS1, HACCP. This new platform will combine pertinent information, from multiple sources and systems, to create a full end to end traceability picture; while accommodating for user data security.

What are the benefits?

  • Assist winery partners

    Expanding their market access to countries mandating global traceability, GS1, and/or HACCP compliance.

  • Improve product recall

    Efficiencies with ‘real time’ notifications based on automated product traces.

  • Substantiate product claims

    Substantiate quality and authenticity (VQA, consumer confidence, and counterfeit product mitigation).

  • Provide a simple way to interface

    Integrate with existing, internal operational/financial systems to verify/update/extract traceability data.

  • Position wine industry partners

    Be prepared for anticipated government traceability legislation.

How can you help?

We are requesting interviews with various supply chain partners so we may understand where business processes accommodate for product traceability. Our immediate task is to document a representative sampling of business processes across the supply chain so we can design a solution that provides seamless product tracking flow, from grape grower to retailer/consumer.

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