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What we've discovered

Your Concerns

  • Visibility and Sales

    Improving your bottom line through increased product visibility and sales.

  • Audits and Reporting

    Reducing the time needed preparing regulatory audits and reports.

  • Simple Inventory

    An easy to use alternative to tracking inventory on clipboards or excel.

Missing Traceability Steps

  • Ingredient Batch Information

    Recording the batch ID of ingredient bags when used.

  • Paper Production Tracking

    Hand written notes leading to missed traceability data.

  • Inventory Batch Information

    Recording the batch codes when shipping cases.

Phase 1 - Ontario Smart Wine

  • Consumer Mobile Application

    Consumers using their smart phones to scan a bottle of VQA wine (QR, barcode or tap to scan smart labels) to peruse in-depth information about your product.

      Imagine tasting a bottle of wine and saving it as a favorite, learning your preferences and suggesting others to try, or even a digital roll up the rim and winning a winery tour.

  • Simple Inventory Tool

    An easy to use application to manage and track your cases of wine.

      Imagine replacing your clipboard with something simple on a tablet.

  • Anti-counterfeiting Solution

    Protecting your premium brand with secure NFC labels (similar to tap to pay technology), empowering smartphone users to verify your product as authentic.

      Imagine recovering lost revenue, while making it harder for counterfeiters to fake or re-use your bottles.


Phase 2 - Enhanced Production

  • Production Software Integration

    Research and integrate wine production software as a foundation to improve upon.

      Imagine a low cost solution that’s easier to use then pen and paper.

  • Simple Mobile Tools

    Collaborating with you to develop a few simple tools to improve how you capture information on the production floor

      Imagine taping your phone against a tank, and it asks you for the pH, Brix or Volume levels.


Phase 3 - Regulatory Reporting

  • Accounting Software Integration

    Integrate common accounting software such as Simply Accounting or Quickbooks.

      Imagine not having to worry about what information needs to be exported.

  • Automated Reporting

    Combining accounting, inventory, and production data into automatically generated regulatory reports.

      Imagine having your monthly reports at the click of a button.