The Vision

A cloud based platform as a new foundation for building solutions that will integrate with your existing processes.
Starting with traceability, authentication and recall across the entire wine production and distribution chain, from grape to table.

A joint venture with The Wine Council of Ontario.

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food, and the Ministry of Rural Affairs, have provided funding under the
Growing Forward 2 initiative, a federal-provincial-territorial cost-shared initiative.

The Approach

  • Research

    Talk with us about what processes you have in common, and what makes you different.

  • Collaborate

    Participate in defining a new way to share information through production and supply of your wine product.

  • Empower

    Set yourself apart as industry leaders on the international stage. Leverage innovative cloud technology to gain the competitive edge. Let us know the tools you need.

The Challenges

  • Legislation is changing

    Legislation requiring full end to end traceability is coming, its just a question of when.

    Get ahead of the curve! Vinesource is all about integration with what you already have in order to best meet these anticipated demands.

  • Global regulations are changing

    European Union and Japan are just a few mentioned in the growing list of markets that are becoming restrictive to Ontario exports requiring higher traceability standards.

    Vinesource is designed around the GS1 standards without enforcing it, this will allow your organization to grow into higher levels of compliance.

  • Consumer expectations are changing

    As consumers become mobile, their purchase decisions are shifting. It is quickly becoming expected to know at a scan if a product’s real, if it’s safe, where it came from, how it’s was made, and any other supplementary information.

    Our goal is to integrate with multiple technologies for labeling and scanning product. Providing a way for consumers and distributors alike to scan from a mobile device anywhere around the world supplying the information they need to make informed decisions.

Government and Industry Innovators